Bring us your talent

A career that gives you what you're worth.

When you put your talent toward the automotive industry, you deserve to get just as much as you give. A career as an automotive technician at Auburn Chevrolet & GMC can provide a whole host of advantages and benefits to help you live life on your terms.

And because automotive technicians are in high demand across New York's Finger Lakes region, choosing this career path will allow you many opportunities for employment and success over the years. No matter who you are, no matter where you're from, bring your skills to our shop. Together, we'll move the world.

Auburn Chevrolet & GMC is hiring automotive technicians in Auburn, NY.

We're hiring automotive technicians at Auburn Chevrolet & GMC! At our service center here in Auburn, New York, you'll find opportunities to build your skills and take advantage of your talents, competitive pay and benefits, and a supportive and fun work environment. You don't even need to be a car expert - as long as you have the aptitude, we'll provide the in-depth, on-the-job training you need!

If you love hands-on jobs, the satisfaction of taking on a challenge, and a sense of fulfillment when work is done each day, applying for a job at our Auburn dealership is the right choice. Choosing an automotive career is a great move for your future, too: The demand is high, the pay is good, the work is satisfying, and there are lots of opportunities to learn more in the industry.

Ready to learn more about becoming an automotive technician at Auburn Chevrolet & GMC? Check out our Employment Opportunities page and send us your resume and contact information!

Here's what you can expect as a member of our team:

  • Using the newest automotive technology and equipment
  • Hands-on training from an experienced, certified automotive technician
  • Great learning environment with ample opportunities for career advancement
  • ASE reimbursement and all training expenses paid to further your automotive technician career, including GM school
  • Continuing education opportunities, including manufacturer hands-on and web-based training
  • Competitive compensation and benefits package

Get started with GM ASEP.

The General Motors Automotive Service Educational Program (ASEP) delivers advanced and customized automotive service training focused on engineering, technical training, problem-solving, digital prowess, and critical thinking. GM ASEP helps streamline the path to becoming a highly trained automotive technician to as little as two years with hands-on access to the latest GM vehicle technology.